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Have A Good Laugh 3

1) Can You Hear Me??

An old man went to the Doctor complaining that his wife could barely hear. The Doctor suggested a test to find out the extent of the problem. “Stand far behind her and ask her a question, and then slowly move up and see how far away you are when she first responds.” The old man excited to finally be working on a solution for the problem, runs home and sees his wife preparing supper. ” Honey” the man asks standing around 20 feet away “whats for supper?” After receiving no response he tried it again 15 feet away, and again no response. Then again at 10 feet away and again no response. Finally he was 5 feet away “honey whats for supper?”
She replies “For the fourth time it’s chips and chicken!”

2) Conversation Differences Between Men & Women

Woman 1: Oh! You got a haircut! That’s so cute!

Woman 2: Do you think so? I wasn’t sure when she was gave me the mirror. I mean, you don’t think it’s too fluffy looking?

Woman 1: Oh God no! No, it’s perfect. I’d love to get my hair cut like that, but I think my face is too wide. I’m pretty much stuck with this stuff I think.

Woman 2: Are you serious? I think your face is adorable. And you could easily get one of those layer cuts – that would look so cute I think. I was actually going to do that except that I was afraid it would accent my long neck.

Woman 1: Oh – that’s funny! I would love to have your neck! Anything to take attention away from this two-by-four I have for a shoulder line.

Woman 2: Are you kidding? I know girls that would love to have your shoulders. Everything drapes so well on you. I mean, look at my arms – see how short they are? If I had your shoulders I could get clothes to fit me so much easier.

Man 1: Haircut?

Man 2: Yeah.

Man – Hey! Can I talk to you?
Women – Me?
Man – Yeah…Just for a minute.
It’s the only way to get my wife to stop shopping.
Strike up a conversation with a pretty lady

3) Horse Joke

Jack strode into ‘John’s Stable’ looking to buy a horse. “Listen here” said John, “I’ve got just the horse your looking for, the only thing is, he was trained by an interesting fellow. He doesn’t go and stop the usual way. The way to get him to stop is to scream heyhey the way to get him to go is to scream Thank God.

Jim nodded his head, “fine with me, can I take him for a test run?”

Jim was having the time of his life this horse sure could run he thought to himself. Jim was speeding down the dirt road when he suddenly saw a cliff up ahead “stop!” screamed Jim, but the horse kept on going. No matter how much he tried he could not remember the words to get it to stop. “yoyo” screamed Jim but the horse just kept on speeding ahead. It was 5 feet from the cliff when Jim suddenly remembered “heyhey!” Jim screamed. The horse skidded to a halt just 1 inch from the cliff.

Jim could not believe his good fortune, he looked up to the sky, raise his hands in the air, breathed a deep sigh of relief and said with conviction “Thank God”



Woman: Honey I have good news and bad news about the car
Man: Give me the good news first
Woman: The airbags work!



Man to Wife: I’m sick and tired of hearing about what your friends husbands do. If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.

6) Present Joke

John  gingerly walked up to the sales lady in the clothing store “I would like to buy my wife a pretty pink scarf. ” “How cute” exclaimed the sales lady,  “sounds like it’s going to be a great surprise.” “It sure is” said John “she’s expecting a new car!”

7) Girlfriend Joke

“Brian, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been sitting at your desk looking depressed for the last five minutes!” “Oh Dan,” responded Brian “I don’t know what to do! I got in a big fight last night with my Suzie, she claims I never buy her gifts, so I must not care about her!”

“Brian, that’s horrible!” said Dan putting his arm around Brian. “What type of a gift does she want already?”

“Well, right before she closed the door on my face she said to me: “Why don’t you show me how much you care about me? Why can’t you get me something that goes from 0 to 175 in seconds!”

“Dan what should I do? I don’t have that kind of money? I can’t go out and buy her a car!”

“A car? Asked Dan. “Who needs a car? Just stop by the mall and buy her a scale!”



Boss: Tom, we both know you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you haven’t missed one day in 4 years! I would like to reward you! How does a new car sound?
Tom: Umm Vroom vroom?



Man: Hey! Can I talk to you?
Woman: Me???
Man: Yeah… Just for a minute. It’s the only way to get my wife to stop shopping… Strike up a conversation with a pretty lady!

10) Memory Problems Joke

A few old couples used to get together to talk about life and to have a good time. One day one of the men, Harry, started talking about this fantastic restaurant he went to the other night with his wife. “Really?”, one of the men said, what’s it called? After thinking for a few seconds the Harry said, “what are those good smelling flowers called again?” “Do you mean a rose? the first man questioned. “Yes that’s it,” he exclaimed. Looking over at his wife he said, “Rose what’s that restaurant we went to the other night?”

Lol :) Hope you had a good laugh? Always ensure that in the midst of lifes business, hard work, and stress, you have a little time to smile and be happy. We all need a little fun and laughter in our lives. The Bible says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). Share the jokes with many of your friends, that may just make their day. Which of these jokes made you laugh the most?

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Hello reader! How’s your day going? I hope I’m about to make it better. Before you read this post, it is highly advisable you read the first part here. Enjoy!

“Seeeeuuun! Segggguuunn! Seeeeyiii! Shoooogo! ”. The four boys were rudely yanked from dreamland by the sound of their mother’s loud voice as it reverberated throughout the whole of No. 33 Adefila Street. Seun’s eyes lazily drifted to the wall clock. 6:24. Haba! Today was Saturday, the only day of the week they were allowed to be in bed till 8:00am. He looked at his brothers, they were no longer asleep, neither were they fully awake. They were waiting for somebody to get up first.

“Ooooh God! This woman should allow somebody to sleep now,”
Seun grumbled under his breath.

“Ahn ahn! Are you counting my voice? Before I count to three all of you appear inside this kitchen now! OOOOONE…”

All four boys scampered to the kitchen. There they found their mother scowling; her hair bound in a black hairnet; a green “Mama-is-60” wrapper around her chest.”

“Which one of you entered this kitchen last night?”


Shet! Seyi thought. It took all of his will power to stay calm.
“See them looking at me like basket of tomatoes. Da mi lohun jare!” They all looked at each other confused and shook their heads.

“Nobody abi? Ehh hen. So it was a ghost that entered my house, turned up the lantern to highest,” she pointed to the lantern now darkened with thick soot, “and now carried it from the left side of the entrance to the right, abi?” Her tone going up one tone as she said ‘abi’.

Seyi gave himself a mental knock. In his hurry, he’d forgotten to turn down the lantern knob. Stupid mistake. He would never steal at night again. He continued to act as confused as his brothers.

“I know that it is one of you. Me and my husband were in our room throughout the night. There’s kuku nobody again in this house. Since nobody wants to confess, gbogbo since ma je gba.”
“Ahhh! Mummy, please, please ma.”

She ignored their pleas and continued speaking, “Not only is this person lying , this person also stole. The ponmo in my pot is now twelve instead of thirteen, abi you think I won’t know ni? Ehn?” She glared at Segun, the usual culprit.

“Yeeehh, mummy, I swear to God Almighty. Emi ko.” Segun said touching the tip of his tongue with his finger and pointing to the ceiling.

“C’mon. Don’t swear in this house!” She rebuked Segun. In a much calmer voice she continued. “Don’t worry. We would soon know today. Shogo. “


“Lo gbe Mr Bulala wa.”

Segun was the first to go on his belly, Segun and Seyi quickly followed suit. ” Ahhh..Yeeh…Mummy E jooooo. E jo Ma. Mummy it is more blessed to forgive than to punish. Maami E jo.”

Shogo stood still unsure of the most appropriate course of action, to join his brothers or to bring the cane as his mother asked.

“Go and bring the pankere for me, my friend!” His mother shouted. He scampered away “And don’t disturb your father.” She called after him. She turned to face the others.

“So after all my preaching to you. You boys are still stealing. I thought you have stopped. Do you want to go to hell fire? The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should grow and when he is grown he shall not depart from it. The same Bible says, “spare the rod and spoil the what? ””’

They all chorused somberly, “The child.”

Shogo returned with “Mr Bulala”, a one feet long cane as thick as a thumb. At the sight of it, Seyi began to tremble. Regret filled his heart. He considered confessing. He looked at his brothers. Segun was already crying. Obinrin. Small cane you cannot chop. He couldn’t blame him though His mother looked like she was ready to flog the life out of them. If none of them owned up she would punish all of them. He knew it didn’t matter at the end of the day, confess or don’t confess he would be beaten. His conscience however would not let him be. Your brothers are innocent, don’t let them pay for your sins. Do the right thing. Remember what they taught you in Sunday school. His mother’s voice jolted him.

“Seyi, do you have something to tell mummy?” She asked, eyebrows raised.

Voices began warring in his head. Just confess, don’t commit two sins. No shebi nobody saw you. But God saw you oh. SHUUT UP.


“No ma. Nothing ma.” He looked down at his feet.


“Mummy, it wasn’t me.”
“Toh! In that case.” She collected the cane and dropped it on the kitchen table.

Seyi wanted to cry, for himself and for his brothers. This was it, the part where she’d tell them to present their bumbums. He had koba’d his brothers for nothing.

“All of you go to your room.”


None of them moved. It had to be a trick.

“I said go back to your room!”

Was she serious? This was new. Why was she looking at them like that? Seyi felt like he was under a microscope.

“Go before I change my mind!”

She wasn’t flogging them or punishing them? Ha! Ope o

“Oluwaseyi come back.” His heart stopped.

“Why were you smiling?”

Had he been smiling?


“Ki lon pa o lerin? Wa n bi. Come to my front.”

She bent over at her waist till they were eye to eye and placed her hands on her knees as support.

“My mind is telling me that you are the one. I know you did it but I will not force you to talk. Do you want to be a devil’s child? Don’t you want to be a Jesus boy? Oya, look at me and tell me the truth.”

He looked into his mother’s eyes. They were searching his face. There was no fire in them again, instead they looked kind. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t lie to her face. His heart was pounding with fear.

“Mummy, please I’m sorry.” He began to weep. The rest of his apology was muffled by his crying. He watched her through rheumy eyes as she straightened to her full height and adjusted her wrapper.

“Ha, so you were…” one of his brothers had started to say but was silenced by one glance from their mother.

“Why did you lie? Why did you have to wake up to steal?” Her tone was a mixture of concern and disappointment.

“The rest of you, no more sleep. Go and do your morning duties.” She turned to his brothers who were standing in a corner of the kitchen.

They began to grumble.

“If I hear Kpim!”

The grumbling stopped.

She turned to Seyi, who was still crying and sniffing. “Oya follow me and bring that cane along.”

Da mi lo hun jare – Answer me
Gbogbo yin ma je gba – All of you will be flogged
ki lo n pa o lerin – What is making you laugh
wa n bi – Come here
Obinrin -female
Ponmo Alata – A local yoruba cuisine of cooked peppered cow hide.

To all MOTHERS out there, we appreciate you.

This lovely piece was written by my wonderful friend Jemima Ojapa.. Please follow for many more insightful posts and stories on her blog .

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Today’s story was inspired by childhood memories, all characters are fictional by the way, before some of you start jumping to conclusions. Lemme even take a quick poll, if you’ve ever stolen a piece of meat from your mother’s pot, do like this O/    (i.e. raise your hand). My Oh My…look at you all. Well, no time for long intros. See you on the flip side.

He dreaded being awake in the middle of the night. Night-time was when the witches, ojujus and all things that go bump at night came out to play. ‘He should be sleeping’, he told himself, not lying down in the pitch-black darkness, hyper-alert, thinking of the mission that had preoccupied his mind all evening. Maybe that was what kept him awake. That, coupled with the sweltering heat that had made his body sticky with sweat.

Seyi, oya close your eyes and sleep, he whispered to himself. He squeezed his eyes shut. Something scurried across the room. He sprang to a sitting position. Eyes wide as saucers, he scanned the room; it was useless he couldn’t see anything even with the moonlight filtering in through the lone window in the room. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. His younger brother, Shogo, with whom he shared a bed rolled towards him and threw a leg over Semilore’s legs. He kicked it away and hissed. Shogo grunted and continued sleeping unperturbed. His two elder brothers were on the other bed in the room competing for who could snore the loudest. Sleep, obviously, was playing hide and seek only with him tonight.  He lay back down, willing sleep to come.

Why don’t you do it now? The voice inside his head came alive. His eyes opened. No oh. It’s not good.  It’s too dark sef, are you not afraid?  Another voice said. He remembered the kerosene lantern his mother usually kept lit overnight on the corridor. Ten years old and you are still afraid. My fren, chop liver and do this thing. Nobody would see you. He stood up very slowly and headed towards the door of the room. The lantern was at the other end of the corridor; just at the entrance of the kitchen. The illumination from it was just sufficient for him.

He first crossed over to his parent’s room and pressed his ear to the door. No discernable sounds. He tiptoed towards the light. He picked up the lantern and entered the kitchen. He was really doing this. Anticipation chased most of his fear away.  He turned up the knob on the lantern so he could see well. He didn’t want to risk hitting any pots or plates. One gbaga-ragaun and his mother would be in that kitchen faster than The Flash.

He took an empty pot, carefully placed the cover on the ground and set it aside. In case he heard anyone coming, he would quickly pull down his pyjamas and start urinating in the pot in an attempt to act like he had sleepwalked into the kitchen and mistaken it for the toilet. He couldn’t help but smile at his ingenuity. He sighted the pot he came for. With trembling fingers, he carefully lifted the lid. Behold his weakness; his pot of “red pottage”. A pot of thick spicy Ponmo, well-seasoned, boiled in its juices to a chewable consistency and marinated in fried peppery sauce.


He dipped his hand into the pot and picked up a soft, succulent piece of ponmo that had also had a little piece of beef. He licked off the oil that dripped down his fingers. He bit into the ponmo and tore off the beef, sucking out the juices before chewing, all the while his ears scanning for sounds to suggest if anyone was coming. He bit off a piece of ponmo and chewed it to a gummy consistency before swallowing. He licked his fingers quickly, taking in small sips of air to quench the fire on his tongue.

He briefly contemplated taking another piece but decided against it. His mother might notice. In fact, this was the first time he would take a whole piece. He usually cut off small bits from several pieces of meat.  He had taken a huge risk. His mother was renowned for noticing when things went missing especially from her pot or purse. However, he had visited her pot three times this week and he hadn’t been caught. He wasn’t careless like his brothers.  He left everything exactly as he met it and rinsed his hands in the sink. As he picked up the lantern, he noticed a small red stain on the cover of the pot. Had it been there before? He wasn’t taking chances. He wiped it off with a rag, placed the lantern back at the entrance of the kitchen and tiptoed back to bed.

“Seeeeuuun! Segggguuunn! Seeeeyiii! Shoooogo! ”. The four boys were rudely yanked from dreamland by the sound of their mother’s loud voice as it reverberated throughout the whole of No. 33 Adefila Street. Seun’s eyes lazily drifted to the wall clock. 6:24Am. Haba! Today was Saturday, the only day of the week they were allowed to be in bed till 8:00am. He looked at his brothers they wer  no longer asleep, neither were they fully awake. They were waiting for somebody to get up first.

“Ooooh God! This woman should allow somebody to sleep now,” Seun grumbled under his breath.

“Ahn ahn! Are you counting my voice? Before I count to three all of you appear inside this kitchen now! OOOOONE!…..”

All four boys scampered to the kitchen. There they found their mother scowling; her hair bound in a black hairnet; a green “Mama-is-60” wrapper around her chest.

“Which one of you entered this kitchen last night?”


This lovely piece was written by Jemima Ojapa

The concluding part is here.. Ensure you follow up! Comments plleease.. Can you relate with this? Kindly share this post with your fellow ponmo and meat lovers :)

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It was one of those nights that there was no power supply. Darkness ruled the spheres of the night; and very few sources of light could be seen. It had happened again, (Nigeria sha) the power holding company had taken away the power, making the darkness prevail. Here I was in my room, with my rechargeable lamp poorly charged, hungry and tired at the same time. I had to cook, or my dreams would have been filled with images of a wide variety of dishes. And so, the cooking began in my room that night. It’s always painful to know that the process of cooking can either make you full, or increase the level of hunger in your belly. In this instance, the latter was the case :( . With this hunger in me, I was faithfully checking up on what I was cooking, as a burnt meal is no meal at all.

In a country like Nigeria, spiders are not known to be poisonous or deadly. People just see those innocent cobweb making spiders and kill them easily, with whatever instrument (hands included… lol) they find.  The thought of a bite never crosses the minds of many. I believe the emergence of the Spiderman movie is what really opened the minds of many, up to the fact that spiders could bite or be deadly. Farmers are also very familiar with poisonous spiders, but generally speaking, people have no idea.

Finally, my meal was ready… Yaay! In the arrangement of my room, my bed is positioned directly on the carpet. I don’t have a frame for it (the simplicity of a bachelors life). So I sat on my bed with the very dim light coming from my rechargeable lamp. I just wanted to eat and go to bed. As I began eating the delicious meal, in the almost total darkness of the room, I saw a very swift movement of something running towards me (the direction of my bed). I almost could not pin point whether it was a scorpion, a rat or spider. The moment it got close enough, it climbed my bed, directly beside me. I jumped off my bed with speed, and shouted (not in a girly way though, but like a strong man ;) ). (The fact that you have to imagine my jump worries me, because you could overestimate the jump)… Lol. I just couldn’t imagine being bitten by it. I then mustered some courage and got a shoe of mine as an instrument for the kill.

As I went forward to try to search my bed, I saw the spider running back in the opposite direction from which it approached quickly. I was fortunate enough to kill it right at the center of my room, with some yellowish fluid oozing out of it. It wasn’t a normal spider, I could see from the way it was, it was a dangerous one. How it could have gotten into my room? I had no idea. Some people would say it was sent from the village (we Nigerians and our many beliefs.. Lol). Although I stay in a rural community, I hadn’t seen a spider like in my entire stay there. I could only just wonder what would have happened to me if I was already asleep, when the spider decided to join me in bed. It would probably have given me a few bites that would have jolted out of sleep, and there would have been no help at that time of the night.


As I thought, it came clearly to me that even while I was awake I would not have seen the spider if I didn’t have light around me (Oh thank God for rechargeable lamps). The light saved me from potential bites from the spider. If a light so dim, could save me, imagine the impact of a brighter light. 

I don’t blame people that are scared of the dark, because no one knows what the darkness holds until a ray of light shows up. The ray of light brings one thing: knowledge. Light is knowledge and knowledge is light! If you are walking on a dark and lonely road at night, and you are almost entering a big ditch, only a ray of light would let you know, that you are about to have a terrible fall. Darkness only signifies ignorance. Many of us have gotten very comfortable with living in darkness, which shouldn’t be. We must always seek to discover light in our tough situations and circumstances. Anyone that claims to know it all, and can’t admit ignorance, would end up learning the hard way. 

“The more you know, the more you find out how much you don’t know”. We can’t get comfortable in our quest for knowledge. Are there areas of your life that aren’t working as they should? Set out to get as much light as you can to let the darkness go away. Who knows? You just may have more than a dangerous spider lurking in the darkness… Until you pop out the light of knowledge :)

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Why Don’t You Want To Die?

I was in a church service one day, when the Pastor asked a series of questions. He asked the congregation, “How many of you here would like to die in your sleep?” No one put their hands up. “What of in a car accident, a plane crash?” Some people murmured God forbid. “Would you like to die from a slip, trip or a fall? What of from a bomb blast? A viral disease?” No one raised  their hands up. “Would any one here want to die from food poisoning or from hypertension, cancer or a heart attack?” No one put up their hands. The preacher then asked “How do you want to die?”

Hmmmn.. Let me ask you the same question too. How do you want to die? You’ll die some way, someday, even though you don’t want to admit it.


Not until recently did I notice that at least a person I know, whether close or far dies every year. Sadly, I can look over the past 4 years and point people that I knew, that are no more. Let’s now not talk of celebrities, those ones die on the regular. I have seen series of condolence messages, tears (I’ve cried a lot too), how people never expected or wanted those people to die so soon, how much of a bright future they had, and so on. There is nothing as hurtful and painful as the death of a loved one or someone you knew personally. The closer you are to the deceased the greater impact it is on you. The surprising thing is how we humans are wired, we always find a way to move on. People eat delicious meals at other peoples burials, it’s the way life is and has  always been. Sadly, one day you will die too, you may not know when exactly it would happen, but some day you will, and food would be served after you are buried.

Over time, I have noticed that we really care about how we die. No one wants the sudden death of car accidents or plane crashes, people say they rather would go through a long painful journey, like being on their death beds with sickness, so that they can make peace with man and God. Not all of us would be afforded that opportunity anyway. Know one thing for sure: death is just a passageway, a door to eternity. At the end of the day it may not matter how one dies, but where one goes when one dies matters even more; Heaven or Hell? (These 2 locations are very real and are in existence). We could basically say, we are here on earth to choose where we would spend eternity.

I know you still want to live longer, and you are probably scared of dying. Lets imagine God decided to ask everyone on earth a simple question, including you, and He asks “Why don’t you want to die?” What would your answer be? Think well about it now. Let’s look at it from Gods perspective, what can you want to do with your life that he hasn’t yet seen? I have asked a few people this question, here are some popular answers: “Ah I must marry and have children”, “Money must be made”, “I must be a billionaire before I leave this earth”, “I want to enter into politics”, “I have not even started my ministry here on earth”, “I must start my own company”, “I want to see my childrens children”, “I must enjoy this life, YOLO (You Live Only Once).” What’s your own reason? Why don’t you want to die? Take a pause, think about it, and write it out your answers in a special book, a piece of paper nearby, or you could even type it on your device as well. It can’t be one thing, or 2 things or many many more things.

What are those things that if you die without accomplishing it would pain you and make you feel unaccomplished? Okay let’s take another perspective. Let’s assume you die now, I mean right now (God forbid) and then as your spirit heads towards heaven, you meet an angel that says, “we’ll give you a chance to just hang around on earth for a little while as a spirit”, and he says “stay around things you would love to have accomplished while you were alive”. Where would you go to first? Your family? Your work place? Your book of unaccomplished goals, dreams and plans? Or the articles you wrote or thought about but you never published? Or the unique ideas only you had and you can only pray for someone else to get and help you accomplish? Would you go to the people you intended to teach a particular skill or vocation? Would you run to the motherless babies home, knowing you had a unvisited passion for them while you were alive? Would you run to the church choir knowing your voice was a gift you never utilized? Or you would run to seminars where you could have spoken? Would you run to the villages you avoided going to to preach the gospel even though you knew you were called? Or would you go to the church and sit there knowing you didn’t spend enough time on earth knowing God? Tell me what would you do if you were given extra time?

These are deep questions we all need to answer. Sometimes the way to finding purpose may not be from where you are right now to the end of your life, but from the end of your life to where you are right now. There is no time anymore, pursue all you have to do while you have the time, power and ability to do so. Every single thing you’ll regret not having done at the end of your life start pursuing right now, break them into bits and start following them gradually. It better to see the end of life while accomplishing the things you were meant to than to be caught unawares in a dreamy state of coziness, comfort and procrastination. Remember in all these things we chase after, there is a God to serve and an eternity to meet.

You don’t know what stage in life you are truly in. I have realized that age is beyond a number, but your true stage is determined by the end of your life. If you meet a person at the age of 18 and that dies at the age of 20, then you met an ‘old person’ about to finish his course on earth. If a man is to die when he is 80 years old, then at 40 years old, he still is a young man just having lived half of his total years. Can we know how long we would live our lives for? No! We can only, hope, pray and believe God, that we’ll live long while maximizing our potentials while disciplining ourselves to becoming all we were made to become. It’s time you lived a purposeful life. You answers to your lifes true purpose may just be found, when you answer the question “Why don’t I want to die?”


I would love to see your comment, I hope this message has helped you some way?

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Gods Time Is Not Your Time

Time is what makes us who we are, time is everything. There is a time and season for every single thing, all the way from growth to death. There is a time. What time are you reading this post? You’ll finish reading it at a particular time as well. Well, as we have learnt over time, time can be measured. Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years. That’s good enough, it’s all we got on time interestingly. The universe is built around time, so no one can say “I’m about to live outside time.” That would mean death. We have mornings, afternoons and evenings simply because they follow the time, its the same with the seasons. When someone dies, it is said that it is the end of the persons time on earth.

We use our wristwatches to know the time from time to time, although now our gadgets do the same job. There are some things naturally expected to happen to us at a certain age. Go to school, work, get married, have children, retire, leave a legacy and so on. I’m sure you all know this. But have you really wondered about what Gods time seems like? God operates outside of time (eternity), our own time features in Gods own time. But many times we just want Gods time to feature in our time, like “God please do this thing in my life at this time, don’t let me down” Sometimes God shows up and sometimes he doesn’t. When he doesn’t, we end up angry, frustrated and even bitter too because we think he has let us down, and its totally unfair because we saw others get what we needed. This scripture has really helped my perspective when it comes to understanding Gods time.

But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.  – 2 Peter 3:8

Let’s look at this scripture critically. While we have our way of measuring time. Here is how God does his own. 1 day = 1000 years, 1000 years = 1 day. Sorry folks while you can’t have the vice versa kind of time that God does. Now let’s analyze: God own day is a thousand years meaning 1 of Gods day = 365,000 of mans days (If we don’t count the leap years). What a long day you may say, but its to us it seems so. Between year 1000 and year 2000, was just a day to God. He was like “Phew a day is gone already?” Lol. We serve a great God. So in all our noise and enjoyment in life, how much of Gods day do we really have? If a man lives to age 80, which we can say is a good age, he has just existed in 8% of Gods day :) Which would equal approximately 2 hours in your day. Meaning if you slept for 8 hours per day, about 320 years on earth would have passed… Hahahaha, you see why God doesn’t sleep or slumber now? Now lets imagine again, do you know that the amount of people in the world right now, are all existing in the frame of Gods time. Like the man that lived to be 80 years,  has not been the only one alive in the last 80 years, the entire world has been alive as well in the past 80 years, which means the entire world has been in 8% of God’s day. So how much of a bother do you think your life is to God?? No wonder Jesus said in Matthew 6 that we should not worry about anything, food, water, shelter, clothing, Gods today is bigger than a hundred times of your life time.


The next part of this verse baffles me more than the first part. ‘And a thousand years is like a day’ Seriously?? Ehrm you would think that this part just means the earlier one we discussed, but one day I got a different revelation, that God has a thousand years in your one day. What this means is that God has more than enough time in your one day to do whatever he needs to do. He can make your day super super slow that he arranges, aligns and makes it the way he wants. Have you noticed how much detail God has and takes into perspective, its a lot. This is one of the things that makes me know that nothing happens without Gods knowledge. Many times we just think God has missed something, but we have just tried fixing God into our minds and comprehending him even though He is way bigger. God has gone through your entire life before you started living it.

The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. 2 Peter 3:9

This is just a great close to this post. With the previous knowledge and revelation of a great God and his own time, don’t you ever think God is slow about his promise. “He is being patient for your sake.” I’m sure that sounds unbelievable to some people, remember when things didn’t go as you planned, and you said its how God wanted it, this scripture shows that God was simply trying to be patient for your good. And this is the greatest and most loving truth we can see from our great heavenly father “ He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent.” This is the reason why many people are given chances over and over again to try and make their lives right with God, believe in Jesus and accept him as their saviour. I’m glad I have accepted him, but have you? God is still giving you time. Don’t waste it.

“A day is ‘like’ a thousand years to the Lord” the word ‘like’ shows that a day could be or could be more than a thousand years to the Lord, its simply a sort of estimation. Our God is greater and higher that our thoughts, lets learn to trust him in our situations regardless of how joyful or painful they may be.. Always remember ‘Gods time is not your time, but we can only wait for ours to feature in His’. It’s a great thing to know that God takes note of us, He knows us even in the multitude. Never think he has forgotten you, he has all the time to move you forward, promote you, put you ahead, and change your situation.

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Countless times, we have asked other people about what they think. We want to know how others think of how we dress, how we walk, how we talk, and how we think. Many of us are trapped in the web of impressing others, wanting them to think of us in a certain way. You may never be able to know who I truly am when I am alone, you can only be sure of who I am when I am with you. The level of personal time each person has, has bred a lot of hidden and secret things known to only the person and God. A lot of us live like we have only people around us to please and be accountable to. We think that whatever people don’t get to see or discover is left as a secret. I wish we knew better.

How would you live if you knew there was a crowd, watching you and cheering you up all the time? Being sad at your disappointments and happy for your successes. Imagine your life being on live TV all of your life, and there are people watching you all day long? Would you live differently? Would you be who you currently are? Would you be yourself or another that tries to please the entire number of people unseen to you? A lot of people on live reality shows on TV like the Big Brother House take a lot of solace in the fact that there is a reward for their labour in front of the cameras, and it is just for a short while.


Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.  Hebrews 12:1

This scripture lets us know that there is a cloud of witnesses. A witness is someone that is present when an event is taking place. Just the way participants in a reality show can’t see you the viewer, you can’t see this cloud of witnesses watching you daily. There is truly no secret, what ever you do is between you, God and these cloud of witnesses. It is just right to quit living for others, start living for Jesus, and start living for heaven. When you get to heaven, you’ll also become a witness. There is a reward for you and I too when we complete our race on earth; the crown of glory, eternity with God our father! What the cloud of witnesses are watching for, is you living and fulfilling Gods purpose for you here on earth, and also God revealing his greater glory through you.

Enough of pleasing man, we care too much about what man has to say. Not all men think right, and yet many of us are concerned with their comments, praises and criticism. The real question that should define our lives is “What is heaven saying and seeing about me? Do I need to improve on my current state? Can I change what is being shown of me by the hidden spiritual cameras ?”

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2

I believe you can turn things around and do even better. All you have to do is let Jesus be the focus and everything about you will fall into place :)

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