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Dear Lover

Dear Lover,

When I think of you, I often am at a loss of words to say,
Not because I am so engulfed in love,
And the love makes me weep for leaving you…
No, I am a loss of words each time I think
Of the real reasons I “loved” you, clung to you, and found it difficult to let you go.

With you, love seemed beautiful,
It seemed different,
Engulfing, killing, intense…

Hmmm, Intense it really was,
Each time I thought of you, I smiled,
And thought of the future, or what I thought the future was,
I day dreamed, I night-dreamed.

I dreamed everything…
I dreamed everything physical, fleshy, sexy
I dreamed everything the intensity of the love I had for you could dream of..
Beautiful kids, A beautiful relationship, A beautiful sex life,
A family that seemed beautiful to the world,
A family which the world would have envied.
I dreamed our perfection to the world, over and over.

It seemed real,
It seemed like a reality,
The way we were,
The way our families knew each other,
The way my family loved you,
The way my father adored you,
The way your family loved me as well..

From the look of the world,
We were perfect,
Our lives perfect,
Our future also looked perfect,
But yet in the beauty we shared,
My heart held so much uncertainty.

I grieved for months,
I cried, I prayed, I wondered,
I questioned God,
I wanted to know if… Maybe…
Maybe we started with the wrong foundation?

I shared my fears with you in a way,
You said you saw it, yet we took no action,
My soul was dying being in love with you,
My heart beating fast with each new day,
I feared our perfection,
I feared gravely,
You never made matters any better my love,
You compounded my fears each day,
I wanted to trust you, wanted to trust that our relationship still would be perfect,
But as each day went, the dream crumbled.

I didn’t stop praying,
No I didn’t!!
I held unto prayer,
And as the days went by,
I felt the need to let go…
My dream, our dream, it was…
No dream…


No dream… No dream!!
No dream!!!
My heart…I wept
I was certain,
I felt I was certain???
What happened???

I grieved, Yes I admit.
I grieved at the thought of not loving you,
I grieved at the thought of what the world,
Who saw the perfection we had would say,
I grieved at too many things

You wonder,
So what happened to the prayers I prayed??
The prayers??
They gave me the conviction to let go fully.

From what I saw,
I felt we were perfect,
You felt we were perfect,
The world felt we were perfect,
But Daddy up there, God,
He didn’t think so.

And at that point, He simply drew me back, and reminded me,
Many are the plans of a man’s heart, but God’s plan shall prevail.
And that was it..
The day dream,
Night dream,
And every other dream simply dropped off from my eyes.

Dear lover, our love died,
Not because I had no feelings for you,
Our love died because God’s purpose wasn’t in it.
It was hard to accept,
Sometimes I still fight with it, and question if I am right or wrong,
There are days I try to think and imagine,
But soon enough I got to realize it was a waste of my time.
I asked myself,
Why live my life and future without God in it?
There was no point,
So I let go, I let go of our love and I let it pass by slowly…

Dear lover, I let you go, because I could not comprise my relationship with God for you…

This post was written by a dear friend of mine who just came out of an unpleasant relationship experience. She would rather remain anonymous, as she just wants to help others learn from her experience and become better.

What are your thoughts on this? Are there lessons you can pick out? Can you relate with this situation? Be sure to comment and share this post too. Thank you

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Hmmmnn… Fish seller Victory? Did you just say fish seller? Yes! I just said fish seller. So what did you go to do at the fish sellers place? I went to buy fish duuh. Cooked fish or uncooked one? Well its called fresh fish, now enough of the questions, let’s get into today’s story :) . At that time in a man’s kitchen, when the cereals, pasta, biscuits have paid their dues, there is a need for real food. Well I had to make soup, and I needed something to be swimming in it. Fish seemed to be the best option for me this evening, not only because fishes swim, but because I kind of craved for fish (In my pot even turkey and chicken swim).

So I went to the market with some of my special friends to get some food ingredients and of course, fish! We went to our favorite fish seller simply because she sold her fish to us at a very low and reasonable price. This day was different because she mentioned an amount way over the price we normally bought it from her, and she was more than ready to swear on anything that she wasn’t cheating us, and she was being as sincere with us as possible. Truth be told, the price she mentioned wasn’t outrageous, but it was very much out of the range we intended. So we tried begging our dear fish seller to drop the price for us, she was adamant, and mentioned a price that was approximately the same price she mentioned, she took just too little off her earlier stated price. We told her that if she decided not to sell for us for the price we wanted, we would just go and buy meat. She was more than comfortable to have us go elsewhere, it really seemed like she was sincere about the price.

Suddenly, the idea struck one of my friends, that she didn’t have to spoil our fishy plan, all we had to do was try another fish seller, and we did just that! We went to another fish seller a few metres away from the previous fish seller, and she brought out some bigger pieces of fish than the previous woman. Having seen that we came from the nearby seller, she mentioned an even cheaper price for her bigger fish. We were surprised and just  couldn’t resist buying from this woman, and we bought quite more than usual from her at her very reasonable price.

A glance at the previous fish seller showed a lot, she had seen how this new fish seller was able to bask on her refusal to sell to us, her eyes showed hurt and pain. She was totally not happy with the event, but this experience with the new fish seller showed us something: the former fish seller, having naturally gained our trust over time, wanted to use that privilege to get us to pay more, the price was obviously cheaper than what she expected us to pay for. I practically saw tears forming in her eyes, and when my friends saw it too, they laughed and we agreed that it was her choice that made her lose the opportunity.


She could have gotten the same amount that the other fish seller got from us if she was only able to see our coming to her as an opportunity and a privilege that she had, and not the fact that she had the power to dictate the price. At the end of the day, she lost, from her own customers too, she got zero from us, meanwhile the other got more money than her, we could easily say who lost at that moment, and it was the first fish seller. The new woman that sold us fish was more than grateful and even told us to comeback next time.. Lol. If you had the chance to consider either of them, who would you choose? We said our goodbyes and the first fish seller couldn’t even say a word to us. I am sure she learnt her lesson, but whats more important is you and I learning our lessons from this seeming normal experience.

What’s your view to life? Do you just live and expect a drastic change to happen to you suddenly? Or you are sensitive enough to know and recognize an opportunity? Someone defined poor as:

P – Passing
O -Over
O – Opportunities
R – Repeatedly

Many people have walked past the life changing opportunities that were right in front of them, some looked down on those opportunities, many saw the opportunities as too large, meanwhile many just ignored them. Don’t expect opportunity to meet you, shake you and say “Hello, my name is Opportunity, right after I finish speaking to you, hold me, arrest me, maximize me, and never let me go, it won’t be a crime but what is right, do it now!” Of course not, there’ll be nothing of a such, opportunities must be recognized, because you may be seeing them and not knowing them. The most difficult opportunities to unravel are the opportunities people carry, and the opportunities life and situations present us with. Keep your eyes open for an opportunity, many times your opportunity would be a burden, that is, it would not be free, it would task you, but that is your special moment.

I remember a while ago when I wanted to travel from one state to another, I met the bus driver, and he was ready to take me and my load for a particular price, I told him, there was somewhere cheaper, and I walked on. I later realized that the driver was the only one going to my location at that time, so I had to shamefully walk back to his bus and board. He laughed at me and charged me the FULL price, he told me if I just answered him and settled down the minute he told me to, I would have just been fine, that he had no idea why he even wanted to give me a discount. I begged him, and he refused to give me that discount again, the same way many lost opportunities may never be recovered again. I was pained and disappointed in myself, because I knew it was an opportunity I was blind to, simply because I believed I was right. I learnt to search for opportunities the hard way. Look at your life right now, what are the opportunities you are not taking note of? The more you search, the more you realize how you can be useful to maximize opportunities.

Another lesson from this experience is to not give up on whatever you want to do, become or achieve because of a setback, discouragement or disappointment. There is always a better place, person that would encourage your vision or dream to come to pass. We almost gave up on buying fish, until we got someone willing to sell more for an even cheaper price. A NO isn’t the end of the world, move on quickly to another person. As someone said if plan A didn’t work, plan B – Z still remains untested, unused and untried.

 I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. – Ecclesiastes 9:11 (NLT)

Don’t ever give up, it may take time or tarry, but in the end it would speak. Its time to be open to recognize those opportunities and use other options, because no one is BIG enough to stop you or your dreams from coming to pass.

Hope you’ve learnt something from this? Let’s keep learning from life’s situations. :) Follow this blog by mail to get the posts straight to your mail.

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Have A Good Laugh 2

The kinds of status we would be updating on FB, Twitter & Instagram if we were in the times of Moses, Noah, Adam and Abraham:

1. Guys its scary, Lot’s wife just turned into a pillar of salt. #shaking‬

2. Pimping my camel, Jerusalem here I come…

3. Just chilling in first class at Noah’s ark, the view here is fantastic.. But these Lions keep staring at me weird. #Noahsvoyage‬

4. Chilling with Moses by Mt Sinai…miracles be going down here.

5. Eve and hubby got banished, they ate the forbidden fruit. I mean who does that? #smh‬

6. Jacob’s status: Things we do for love, can’t believe I served her father for 14 years just to get her. Love u Rachel!

7. Some people are so cruel! Cain how do u kill your own brother? #RIPAbel‬

8. One of Jesus’ disciples post: What a long day…Walking and preaching the gospel. Now chilling with my brothers. These guys are funny…LLP! (Laughing Like Pharoah)

9. Isaac: Damn, dad nearly sacrificed me… #selfiewithram‬ ya’ll

10. Mary: Joseph is not replying my whatsapp messages. He still thinks i cheated…Grow up duh?!!

11. David: Guys this balcony is da sheeit! …I can see everything. Female anatomy 101 #word‬

12. Jezebel: Victoria’s Secret is da bomb…

13. Cant believe Elisha just allowed bears to eat up those children. #Like‬ seriously.

14. Samson: The chick sold me out…I’m going to bring the roof down on this party.

15. Judas did what? That bro ain’t loyal.#smh..


Lol :) Hope you had a good laugh? We all need a little fun and laughter in our lives. The Bible says “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). Which of these jokes made you laugh the most?

(A friend sent me these jokes. I laughed pretty hard too!)

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Editors note: Please note that this post isn’t one of those randomly composed posts, its real. I can assure you that the person asking this question truly needs help. So be kind to give the best possible advice:

I am a lady in my mid twenties. I have been dating my boyfriend for about 9 years now. We have always looked forward to getting married, but one way or the other, life has played its cards and we haven’t gotten close to being there yet. I have met his family and he has met mine but there is nothing official. I personally have nothing against my boyfriend, for us to have successfully spent 9 years together means we have found a lot of balance, and understanding. I have learnt a lot from him, and he has learnt a lot from me too.


All this while, I was not close enough to God as I should have been, but over the past few months, I have been able to draw very close to God, and he has helped me in many ways, I am a better person because of God’s grace. Recently God revealed to me, that the man I have courted for the past 9 years isn’t right for me and isn’t his plan for my life, even though our relationship has been doing well. He highlighted the future as where there would be a lot of issues and challenges. Truthfully, right now, I believe God totally, and I am ready to obey, but every time I tell someone about my choice, they warn me and say I should better stay put and not throw the relationship away. They also say things like “How are you sure you will find a good man to get married to later?” These sort of statements make me think twice. Worse enough is the fact that I don’t even know how to communicate my new stance to my boyfriend, because he could just end up heartbroken and devastated. Its very painful to know that I may end up hurting someone who has sacrificed a whole lot for me and that loves me. But I really need to know, what to do and how the best way to go about it is. I will appreciate your contributions and advice please. Thank you.

My dear friends, what do you think she should do? Stick with her boyfriend, do what she believes God is instructing her to, or what? Be of help to this dear lady and drop a comment, you may use your initials, nickname or anonymous if you are shy.. Let’s share this post to get as much help as possible too. :) Follow this blog by mail to get posts straight into your mail. Thanks

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Early one morning, I was having that kind of sleep that makes you wish the time goes back one hour after it goes forward one hour, and on and on, so you get to savour and explore every minute of the sleep. My plan was going well until I was brought out of the subconscious, well it would have been worthy if it was a phone call, but it wasn’t. I came back to earth hearing the sound of a cock crowing by my window ‘Cock-A-Doodle-Doo’. Finding out what it was, I tried to rush back immediately into my sleep shuttle and travel back to dreamland. Every time i was just getting away, I was drawn back by this roosters crow. (In fact as I am writing this piece, another cock just crowed not too far away *sigh*). This cock had crowed by my window in previous times, but it never stayed long. I was hoping this morning was going to be the same. Unknown to me, the cock had its own plans! The more i tried to sleep, the more it kept crowing, and very loudly too. It must have crowed about 15 times, and it succeeded in making me miss my sleep shuttle flight.


I was MAD, I then decided that it was time for this chicken to meet its forefathers where ever they go when they die. I didn’t even care that it wasn’t mine! The owners should have kept it in the cage. It is a very rare scene to see a young man chasing a cock very early in the morning, but I was ready to be unique. So I armed myself, ready for the kill, and ran outside, heading to the exact spot it had been shouting for me to wake up. Surprisingly, I just didn’t find it there. I sure felt like a fool at that point, I turned and searched, but this cock was nowhere to be found, until I heard it crow again. This time it was already at the next house giving them some quality crows. When did animals become mind readers? I became weak at that point, I just couldn’t continue with my butchering plans any more. As I went back into my room with my eyes now clear, I heard its crows growing faint and more faint in the distance, as it went to more houses to wake them up, and give them a few sounds.

At least for those minutes I could fully understand why Jesus chose the rooster to crow after Peter denied him. These creatures have a way of alerting you and jerking you back to your senses, sometimes it even sounds like mockery or jest. The last thing you want is a bird correcting you after you do wrong, its the same reason why some people don’t like parrots around. What struck me the most was the bird’s zeal, and the fact that it went from house to house crowing. Suddenly, this question popped in my mind “How many people do this for their friends? Tell them the truth, alert them, correct them even when they are wrong, without caring whether they are hurt or disturbed?” The question got to me and I shook my head, “Very few” I responded. Many people would rather watch their friends fail to just stay in their good books, they’ll encourage their doing wrong things because they still want to obtain benefits from them. Many of them even pleasure in their friends folly as long as they are not affected, only to come back when the folly is fully blown beyond proportion to say “I knew it!” I learnt such a huge lesson from that rooster that morning. After that day, the cock never came back to wake or disturb me, it may have been eaten already, who knows? But that moment of truth, I would never forget. This reminds me of something my mentor, Pastor Emmanuel Iren once said: “Isn’t it ironic that people say they love their friends and they don’t preach the truth to them, because they don’t want to break the friendship?? If you love your friend you’ll tell him the truth. The truth is, not until you are ready to risk losing a friendship to the truth, you have not even started being a friend. I think its high time you asked yourself “What kind of friend am I?”

This is the lesson I learnt from the true life experience I just shared with you. Can you pick out other lessons from this scenario I found myself in? Kindly comment and let’s gain from your perspective. I’ll appreciate if  you’ll share this post with others and follow this blog by mail. Thanks. :)

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1) There is suffering: so many will seek salvation.

A week before the February 2009 Bushfires (Australia’s worst recorded natural disaster), fire-fighters were control-burning bushland trying to prevent the sort of tragedy that would soon follow.  At the time, something very unusual happened – a koala, driven to extreme thirst, allowed a fireman to approach and accepted a bottle of life-saving water.  The incident was filmed and shown around the world.


When disaster occurs, we naturally question why God allows it to happen.  God knows of all events beforehand and, because of this, He is consciously aware that a greater disaster (Hell), is heading towards those who have not accepted His ‘gift of salvation’.  God does not want anyone to perish.  As proof of this, He took on the form of a man (through Jesus Christ) and paid the complete penalty for all sins on the cross – so that whoever believes in Him will receive eternal-life (John 3:16).

However, God also gave people free-will and does not force anyone to accept His gift.  Consequently, the greatest of all disasters is to reject the ‘gift of eternal salvation’.
God does not desire any to suffer in life and He grieves at the terrible loss, yet He sometimes allows disasters to take their course so masses of people wake-up to their mortality and start seeking spiritual answers.  Only during such times of dire hopelessness do many people allow God to approach and accept His life-giving ‘waters’ of eternal salvation.

2) There is suffering: because warnings are ignored.

Early in the morning of April 15, 1912, the SS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank, taking with her 1513 passengers.  It was a tragedy that should never have occurred.  The Titanic had received many warnings but failed to heed them all.

As with the Titanic, we are on our maiden voyage (life) and tragedies are often the result of not heeding warning signs.  When we get into bad habits of over or under eating, too much exercise or too little sleep, our body gives signals of pain and discomfort, warning us to change our direction.  Likewise, the soul also sends out warning signs of depression, despondency, bitterness, fear, jealousy, pride – all signals that something is not right in our spiritual life and we need to change course.  Unfortunately, we often ignore these signs of impending danger, thinking we are unsinkable.


Individually and nationally we set a course that will either sink us or steer us to our destination.  Being a perfect Gentleman, God lets us choose our own course in life.  God, also being all-knowing, sees the icebergs that lie ahead of our choices and sends many signals so we can adjust our course.  If we choose to ignore His warnings, we must also take responsibility for the outcome.  God is not to blame for life’s tragedies, but if we call He is always there with a lifeboat ready to rescue us. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

3) There is suffering: at our own hands.

We all want to be safe from those who would harm us.  When our ‘way of life’ or safety is in jeopardy, we are quick to cry out for protection.  The police protect us from criminals within our community, and the military protect us from enemies beyond.  Generally, people who have been saved or their liberty restored are very grateful to their rescuer (at least for a short time).


God wants to protect us from those who would do us harm.  Naturally, we also want this so we constantly pray to God asking Him to guard us from enemies.  However, what if the person harming us the most is our self?  Usually, our own thoughts and actions are what prevent us from gaining true happiness and becoming everything God intends for us.  Frequently, it’s our own foolish decisions that wreck our lives or hurt the ones we love.  We are our own worst enemy.  When God disciplines us it is often an act of divine protection.  He is graciously trying to save us from ourselves.  Ironically, we should be thankful whenever God chastises us, but when do we think to thank someone for protecting us from ourselves?

4) There is suffering: for the purpose of new growth.

It is amazing how we can cut pieces from some plants, then put the cuttings in the soil where they take root and grow.  From the sacrifice of one plant, many new plants can be cultivated.

God is not the author of suffering.  He intended Eden (paradise) for mankind.  However, He sometimes allows cuttings (afflictions) to occur for the purpose of new growth.  In looking at the big picture, God is working all things together for our eternal happiness – not for temporal happiness.  As in Job’s case, any suffering we are undergoing may be the cause of future growth – both for ourselves and for many others.  Furthermore, disasters, large or small, remind believers and unbelievers alike that their time is limited and Heaven cannot be found on Earth.


Every day, God works silently behind the scenes, stopping millions of disasters we will never know about.  When God does allow a disaster to take its course, He has taken every minute detail into account. He knows the suffering and sacrifice of one person can lead to the inspiration and salvation of many.  Sometimes the greatest triumphs emerge from the greatest tragedies.  Where would we be if God did not allow Christ to suffer on our behalf?

5) There is suffering: to avoid greater suffering later.

Parents put their children through the pain of having injections knowing that a small amount of distress at the time is far better than serious illness later.


God allows suffering in our life for the same reason.  Often, adversity in life will generate wisdom which, in turn, provides immunity against making serious mistakes later.  From the eternal perspective, it is far better to have a life of suffering if it leads us to Christ and eternal salvation – than to live a life of prosperity if it leads us to an eternity in Hell. 
God has our best interests at heart.  He doesn’t want any of His children to suffer everlasting damnation separated from Him.  Like any good parent, He would rather we go through temporary discomfort if it eventually leads us safely to Heaven.   Remember, life on Earth is a pinprick compared to eternity. (John 5:24)

6) There is suffering: to make us stronger.

Metal is shaped and strengthened through heating.  A diamond is formed through pressure.  Beautiful ceramic pottery must go through the fiery kiln.  An athlete’s body is formed through punishing exercise.


Often, when experiencing adversity, we ask: ‘Why is God punishing me?’  The answer is simple.  God is not punishing – but preparing.  He uses life’s sufferings to either remind us that we are on the wrong track or to strengthen and refine our soul.  God has a specific plan for each of us, and it is up to us to voluntarily put ourselves in His hands.  When we do, it’s like placing a metal rod in the hands of a master-blacksmith.  Soon we feel the heat and pressure as God toughens our spiritual metal into a useful shape.  At times adversities that God allows us to go through will feel like they could break us, but God is the Master Blacksmith – He knows our limits and has promised not to test us beyond what we can handle.  If we stay the course and leave ourselves in His capable hands, we will come out of our ordeal stronger than we have ever been and eminently ready for the specific purpose for which we were created.
Many great things are born from suffering.  Greatest of all is salvation which came from the indescribable suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. (Hebrews 12:5-6. 1 Corinthians 10:13)

7) There is suffering: from bad choices.

Apart from God’s gracious gifts, everything in life has a price.  Don’t be fooled – we seldom get out of paying.  We either pay beforehand or pay later, often with interest.
Buy now – pay later, may be an acceptable concept when buying goods in life, but “paying later” is to be avoided when it applies to our physical body.  If we don’t find time to exercise or eat the right food, then we will pay later when our body gets sick and fails.


That which is true of the body is often true of the spirit.  We may say we believe in God and are a Christian, but if we don’t find time to study God’s Word, to trust in Him and utilise His power, we will certainly pay a price later when life’s many problems break us.
We live in a fast-paced world filled with mental break downs, depression and suicide.  We are all running up accounts of stress that must be paid some day.  We can save much grief and avoid mounting debts if we simply remember – prevention is better than the cure.  God says we should be without fear and worry, and our burden should be light (Mat 11:30) – but here is where we go wrong, we fail to hand our problems to Him.
Each day we should put aside a little time to be with God and exercise our trust in Him.  Yes, this is difficult as we have so many other distractions vying for our attention – but what is the alternative?  If we keep running up debt we will eventually become spiritually bankrupt.  We will never have the inner peace promised in the Bible.  We must give our mounting debt of stress, fear and worry to our Heavenly Father and sincerely trust that He has the resources and solutions to resolve them. “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

8) There is suffering: because we separate ourselves from God.

It would be ridiculous to cut through the branch on which we sat.  The branch is supported by the tree and, in separating our perch from its support, not surprisingly we would go plummeting down.


Similarly, if we cut ourselves off from God, we sever the very support that sustains us.  God supplies all our needs.  He upholds and governs all the laws of science.  He controls the traffic of the universe.  He maintains the delicate balance in nature, such as oxygen, sunshine and gravity, which keeps us alive every moment.  He has promised to sustain all those who acknowledge His Word.  And He has written His wisdom (the Bible) to increase enjoyment in life for those who apply it, thus providing a place of refuge which puts everything in perspective.
How silly to separate our existence from our Omnipotent Benefactor.  When cutting loose from our ‘Divine Support’ we should not be surprised when our life takes a dramatic plummet downward. (2 Corinthians 9: 10,11)

9) There is suffering: because we live in a fallen world.

In the past, decisions made by a king affected his entire nation.  When making good decisions his country prospered, but when making bad decisions his country suffered.  When a king declared war, he did not go off alone to fight – he made the decision for the entire country.  Furthermore, if a king spent the country’s wealth on frivolous things, all citizens and generations that followed suffered the repercussions of his decision.


Initially, God created a paradise for mankind.  It was never His design for us to live in a corrupt world in a corrupt body.  He created a perfect environment and in it placed man, with the power of choice, to rule over it.   When Adam, as head of the human race, chose against God, all future generations suffered the repercussions (expulsion from paradise and death – first spiritual, then physical).   
In times of adversity we are often guilty of pointing a finger heavenward saying, “How can God let disasters, illness and war occur?”  We must remember that we are not in Eden now.  We live in a dying, diseased world – in our dying, diseased bodies – making stupid decisions with corrupted souls.
However, God is working overtime to bring us back to paradise.  He came down to Earth as a man (Christ) and took the repercussions of all sin unto Himself.  Now, as a consequence, the path is clear for those who wish to return to paradise.  It is as simple as believing on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.  Adam may have lost paradise with his decision, but the good news is, just like Adam, we are free to find paradise (Heaven) with our decision.  We must stop seeking ‘Paradise Lost’ in this world.  God clearly tells us that it cannot be found on this corrupt and dying planet.

10) There is suffering: to remind us that we need help.

Thank God for old age.  This is His way of reminding us that our time on earth is winding down.  He never intended this corrupt planet to be our permanent home.  God only allows us limited time to seek Him. A spare split-second and faith (in Christ) is all we need to assure our place in Heaven.  If the vitality of youth were to continue to the very day of our death, many of us would never feel the need to seek God. With healthy bodies and an abundance of energy, it is easy to say arrogantly, ‘I don’t need God! I’m in charge of my own life. I have strength and beauty aplenty. I can be my own God.’


We easily forget that, if not for the grace of God, we wouldn’t have the basic necessities such as oxygen, sunshine and water to keep ourselves alive even for a minute.  Inevitably, it’s our failing bodies that remind us that we are dependent creatures.   
As we become older, the crutches of youth are slowly kicked out from under us.  For some, it requires falling into that helpless state of old age to finally ask for a hand-up.

11) There is suffering: when wills collide.

If we are stupid enough to be on railway tracks and see a train speeding towards us, we either get off the tracks or we stay and get whacked.   A train cannot suddenly swerve and change direction as its course has already been set.

We are created with free-will – the power to choose what we believe.  We can determine the direction we head.  God also has free-will (we are created in His image); however, God’s will is an unstoppable force (far greater than any locomotive).  We should never set our will in opposition to His.  God’s will, like a train, is very limited to where it can go.   As a train’s direction is dictated by the tracks that are laid, God’s will is dictated by a standard of absolute and unchanging perfection.  God can never be less than perfect or compromise His perfection in any way.


When our prayers are not in accord with God’s will, the prayers are useless.  When we do works contrary to God’s plan, they will be knocked down.  If we live a life in direct opposition to God, we must not be surprised when we are hit with divine discipline.  If we refuse to change direction, it won’t be long before we have a fatal collision (the sin unto death).  We must align our will with God’s will – even the humanity of Christ prayed, ‘Not my will, but Yours be done.’ (Luke 22:42.  Mark 14:36)

By Ian Coarte on . Its a great site, check it out!

I was really inspired by this article. Its really important to know why we have suffering when we have a good God. Hope this article blessed and helped you too? Kindly drop a comment

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Appreciate That Life

Many times we think

That we have a right to be alive

But we are so wrong

You are not better than the person that died yesterday


We sometimes think that our lives make up what we see

We are wrong again

Without other lives your life won’t count

What has made you today is not just who you are

But what other lives inspired you to be


Every life is important and should be appreciated

Imagine a life without parents, teachers, family & God

How much would your life be worth?

But the key to a better life is appreciating the lives around you


How much love do you show to your pet?

To show that you appreciate its life & living?

Do you remember to thank God for the plants & trees & animals?

Without them we’ll have no meals


Do you appreciate your spouse for understanding you?

And standing with you through your life’s struggles and joys?

Or the life of your friend that sticks closer than a brother?

What if you had no life around you how would it have been?


Life is vanity, just like chasing the wind is

What is left of a lost life is the memory, legacy or a dynasty

Many don’t know the value of the lives they have around them

Until they lose them

Even wishes can’t bring a life back


Love the life you live and the one’s God has placed around you

Also live a life of impact

So that your legacy will live beyond your memories

And your dynasty even generations to come


The most important life to appreciate is God’s

For God appreciates yours

And He is leading you to a place of greatness

In which in you; He will be appreciated and glorified


I appreciate your life and the one that God has called you to live.


Yes you reading this right now! I appreciate you :) From today begin to appreciate everyone around you. Have a great day

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