I am who I am

A cook? Yes I am a cook

I never knew I was

But I am

What is a cook without his ability?

Just any other person


This ability I possess

Or I won’t be a cook

What is a cook without his experience?

I have so many scars to show

Most of all what is a cook without his ingredients?

Hmmn, the ingredients

The ingredients make everything

The ingredients must work together

For the benefit of the cook

The cook must have every bit in place

To have that meal

I am that cook


I determine the outcome

My not putting my ingredients to work

Is for my failure

So I must cook

I will cook

But with a tool missing

Cooking won’t be possible

Something that can hold the ingredients together

Something that can take the fire

Everything is ready but for my pot

I can have everything together in my pot

I am the cook


I have the ingredients

And strangely also

I am the pot

I will go through the fire

To prepare a special meal

To make people happy

To make people grow

My ingredients are my gifts, talents, skills

They are all placed in me

I am the cook because I choose

Whether to cook or not

With everything set

I know

In my pot is my potential

All I can and will ever be is there

But will I go through the fire?

Can I?

Will I?

Should I?

I should, I would, I can

So get ready to taste out of

The best meal yet to be served


From my pot

By me!

final meal

“We all have gifts, talents and skills given to us by God. But not until we begin to put them to use, we may not be able to get the best out of them. You are the cook, the pot and you have the ingredients in you.. Lets get to work and produce the best meal ever”

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6 thoughts on “IN MY POT

  1. Spot on, and deliciously put! Talents make us better only when we nurture them. Anyone scared of getting wet, will never cross the river of fulfilment…


  2. Lol.when i saw pots and pepper i was wondering what this post would be about and then you threw a whole new light on the cooking process and related it to us becoming our very best.
    Great insight.


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