Well, it’s another day we are privileged to see on the Victory Path, and I am also privileged to be able to help us here today. I hope this post does a lot of good to us. Today’s topic has eaten me up a little bit, and I feel it’s something I should discuss. It spans across a lot of things but nevertheless I will go straight to the point. Let’s examine somethings together shall we?


Many of us have gotten used to the fact that we get used to a lot of things in life, and those things seem to lose value when we have done or used those things over and over again. When we get to that point in our lives, it seems like life has lost its spark or we are living for nothing. Many of us either take solace in the boredom we face or try something new. So why does life get boring? Why do most of us just exist than live?

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Why are the suicidal rates not dropping?   Why are the rates of depression on the increase?  Why do we have more couples rushing out of their marriages than to a new location for vacation with their families? Why?

getting-a-divorce-cake_75627514.s300x300  divorce

Well, there are so many questions we all have asked, and are still asking. Not funny enough is the fact that when we discuss them, there are no major solutions to those questions. We ask the questions, the words are taken into the atmosphere and the atmosphere gives no reply. Even more are the questions that never get to our tongues, but reside and rest in our hearts.


What’s the first step? Knowing we all may not be able to save the world, but we can begin by saving ourselves first. No poor man can teach another poor man to get rich quick while he is still poor, he can only get rich first and teach his poor friend how to get rich like him. I don’t think many of us would like to read a book titled ‘How To Make Your First Million Dollars’ by the poor man that begs on your street. The question will be does he have a million dollars? In this context, we can only begin with our own story before we try to change another man’s story.


The solution to most of life’s questions may necessarily not be solutions but perceptions we have. Can a perception or new perspective actually turn your life around? Yes it can. What is your view to life? (Please Answer). Is life just the place you found yourself in and you want to live anyhow it comes? What is life to you?


On the Victory Path, victorious people like you and me perceive or view life as a privilege! To enjoy the most and the best of your life, you must see life as a privilege. Everything is a privilege. I am privileged to be alive today because many people are dying daily, I can take in the next breath just because I am still alive, and it’s the same with you. It’s time for you to begin to see life as a privilege.

The more we view life as a privilege, the more we will be grateful for all we are and all we have around us. We will feel blessed every day for the breath of air, the cleanliness, the peace, the love, the smiles, and the beautiful colors we see every day. Our relationships will get better, our walk with God too. You will never see any man as little, because it’s a privilege to be who you are and where you are today. Get your privilege shades on people, and lets live with the privilege view.


To be continued… Please watch out for the next part.

Thanks for taking time to visit Victory Path today. I hope you’ve gained a few things that can be of help to you in your life right now. It was a privilege having you. Please comment, like, broadcast or share so that many people in your life can also gain. Thank you.

P.S If this is your first time here, please don’t close the browser. There are many more posts waiting for you. It’s because we were expecting you that we didn’t delete the posts. You are important on the Victory Path. 


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