A handsome young man

He could have no deceit in him

The smile on his face said it all

Pure innocence

His name was Nate

But the most surprising thing was

I had known him all my life


I also found out

That he had seen many years

Yet he was not old

I lived with him all my life

He came around when I was about to make decisions

And I ended up never making them

Nate helped me enjoy the now

And not do the important

And when I had to do all the work

Nate was nowhere to be found


When I always needed a friend to help out

Nate disappointed

And right after I was done

Nate shows up to have some fun

And with Nate as a friend

I was on the slow lane of life

While others were busy making it

I was in the red zone

Nate introduced me to more friends

And they were all alike


I needed to get a life

I had lost a lot of time with Nate

So I decided

To deal with all I needed to NOW!

And achieve all I could

Not later but immediately

Of course Nate disappeared while I worked

And I did miss him a lot

But one day he finally appeared

I told him the truth; I was done with him

My life was better off without him

Nate didn’t argue with me

He said I had learnt

And I had aborted his purpose

As he walked out of the door

He looked back at me

Smiled and said

“My full name is PROCRASTINATE”


You know as well as I do that we all have a lot of dreams, visions, gifts, tasks, assignments, and a lot of things lined up in our minds that we need to do.Even what we want to become. Most of the times we are held back by a force called procrastination. We just put off what we should do now to a later time. We won’t move forward if we keep up with this pattern.

We must begin whatever needs to be done NOW. Don’t wait till next week, tomorrow or next year! That’s what people on the Victory Path do, they have the NOW mentality. Write out about 5 things you have always wanted to do since that you haven’t. It could even be your childhood dream. It is not too late. Start to do them now. There is no place called ‘the future’. The future you dream of will come on a day like today. So start NOW! And stop being friends with Nate!


Thanks for taking time to visit Victory Path today. I hope you’ve gained a few things that can be of help to you in your life right now. It was a privilege having you. Please comment, follow, like, broadcast or share so that many people in your life can also gain. Thank you.

P.S If this is your first time here, please don’t close the browser. There are many more posts waiting for you. It’s because we were expecting you that we didn’t delete the posts. You are important on the Victory Path. You can start from the very beginning here.

Pictures: Courtesy of Google images.


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