The burns of the past are still evident

Should we not hope?

Our hearts have been broken

Should we not hope?

Failure seems imminent

Should we not hope?


The thoughts of yesterday surround us

Should we not hope?

We have been trodden and ridden over and over again

Should we not hope?

Like a dehydrating person being given drops of water

Should we not hope?

girl losing hope

The darkness has laid over us for as long as we remember

Should we not hope?

It seems impossible to take the right step again

Should we not hope?

As poverty eats into the bones of many

Should we not hope?


When the darkness closes in

Should we not hope?

And our nation corrupt

Should we not hope?

Even after the death of our loved ones

Should we not hope?



When the wind of change blows over us

Should we not hope?

And when the sun begins to shine

Should we not hope?

And we live the good life we desire

Should we not hope?


When the nation’s economy blooms

Should we not hope?

And the doubt of the future fades away

Should we not hope?

Then the dawn of the new day arises

Should we not hope?


When we have the strength to overcome our enemies

Should we not hope?

The land blossoms and the fields green, and rivers overflowing

Should we not hope?

The smell of success is in the air

Should we not hope?


The thoughts of the best things rings in our minds

Should we not hope?

God has healed our wounds and our scars propel us for victory

Should we not hope?


You must know that there is a brighter day, a better tomorrow, no more tears, no more pain, now its sunshine, no more rain.

Hope is the only thread that can keep us, wanting the better when we have the good, reaching for the best when we have the better

Hope is that little thread between you and your success. Hope is that little voice that says “It’ll get better this time, You can’t go lower than where you currently are, you must go higher. You can’t give up now. You can give it one more try!”

From hope comes faith, determination, strength, wisdom, love, and from hope comes MORE HOPE.

So should we hope?

Yes we should, Yes we are, Yes we will! We will never giver up. Not now, not ever!

Face of mixed race child


Colossians 1:27:  

 God decided to let his people know just how rich and glorious that truth is. That secret truth,  which is for all people, is that Christ lives among you. He is our only hope for glory. (ERV)

Thanks for taking time to visit Victory Path today. I hope you received the full dose of hope with a heart of joy .  Kindly comment, follow, like, broadcast or share so that others in your sphere of influence can also be made hopeful as you are. Thank you.


P.S If this is your first time here, please don’t close the browser. There are many more posts waiting for you. It’s because we were expecting you that we didn’t delete the posts. You are important on the Victory Path. You can start from the very beginning here.

Pictures: Courtesy of Google images.


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