We are all prisoners in the world we live in. Too many people try to experience the world beyond, by diabolical means, godly means and some other means like getting high (weed and the likes). We all desire something extra, that we can’t experience in the natural. But the sad thing is no matter how much we try, we still come back here to earth. Our outside this world experiences always come to an end or sometimes leaves us longing for more. The strong feelings of love we felt for someone earlier later get drained in one way or the other. Many have even forgotten how it first felt to have been in love at that early stage. My point exactly, is that we are in chains. Well I know most of the thoughts we have when we talk of chains are not pleasant. Your thoughts go to prisoners cuffed in chains, or the latest criminals being caught by the police. It could also be that animal, the very loud and fierce dog, or the elephant in the zoo (that doesn’t know it can easily wring off the chain). The spiritual people view chains as instruments of bondage, especially to people held back by the devil that need to be broken (which is really true).


Today, I would like you to add a new perception of chains to your already existing database. Looking up ‘chain’ in the dictionary will lead you to a series of definitions you probably hadn’t thought of before. You’ll get to see some common words, like links, joints, series, related, similar and connection. I like those words because they’ll help my presentation today. At least we are more familiar with this most of these terms. As we all know, the whole earth is linked together. If you remember the food chain for example, it helps us understand. The earth that every dead animal is buried brings forth the grass, grass eaten by the cow, and the cow is eaten by man, and if the man is unlucky, he gets eaten by a lion, the lions dies and decays into the earth again, and the process continues. Once a link stops, or a broken, a chain actually ends. Do you actually see how chains are strongly connected together? They are not easily broken; it’s the power of the chain.

food chain

Something quite exciting about chains is that there’s nothing significant that a part of the chain goes through, that is not affected by the other parts of the same chain. To get a chain heated, you need only a little part in the fire or in the heat, the remaining parts of the chain automatically receive the heat, and it is passed around, until the heat is received by the part of the chain that started the process. The same also goes for cold too. Your life is like a chain, the links and connections go so far that you may not even know the extent to which it has gone. It has gone so far into your future that you are not sure how the next person you meet tomorrow will be linked to your decisions yesterday. Everything seems so linked and complicated. How my colleague today could become my cousin tomorrow. How someone somewhere in the world says he or she knows you very well, and you’ve never met. How fast information you gave today goes round the world in such a short time. This is the chain we all have found ourselves in. We are all connected, all linked in more than one way. Something can be done to stop this right?

Eerhm, nothing can be done about it! But something can be done to our approach towards the chains we have found ourselves in. Let’s imagine for a second, that for every person you meet, their chain is attached to yours. Now think of everyone you’ve met in your life, enough chains to last us for a lifetime. Unthinkable! So how then do we move and live? The answer to that is our choices and decisions. You may not be able to stop the chains from being formed, but you can choose to whom it is linked and formed with, and how the link is treated. What you just imagined is actually the way life is, linked and connected! When we take a look into creation, we’ll notice that God actually linked everything together. Light, skies, rivers, darkness, earth, trees, animals, man. Then all of creation is now linked to God, our maker. So let’s get a few things straight as we attempt to end this post of ours.

1)      If the earth is round, then what goes around comes around. (Let’s put a little animation to this illustration). If a part of the earth decides to hurt the sun, and actually does, and runs away and says” I’m rotating, you can’t catch me”. That part will still receive the suns revenge because it’ll always go round again, to where the sun has all the time, to deal with it. It’s the same thing with the life we live in, what goes around comes around. Every decision goes way into the future; you don’t know where exactly you’ll meet yesterday’s choice. I’ve been too glad many times for the good I had done to others, when I saw the good way ahead. Whatever you want to see in your future must begin what you give out now. As the popular saying goes “Garbage in garbage out”. If you want the best of friends tomorrow, be a good friend today. If you want others to respect you, respect others. Let’s remember the golden rule here: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”.

people-holding-hands round world

2)      You can only be strengthened or weakened by the bonds and chains you keep. It is common to see friends excel together, and friends fail together. As we stated earlier, chains connected are affected by what they are connected to. The Bible also says He that walks with the wise shall be wise, Iron sharpens Iron, in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. They say something about the sort of links we are linked to, they determine where you go tomorrow. A wise man once said ‘Two things determine your future, the friends you have and the books you read’. It’s all about the chains you are linked to.

Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for the results can be much better. If one falls, the other pulls him up; but if a man falls when he is alone, he’s in trouble. Also, on a cold night, two under the same blanket gain warmth from each other, but how can one be warm alone? And one standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer; three is even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken”

Eccl 4:9-12 (TLB)


3)      It’s important we are ready to put away bad chains and add good ones that will affect us positively tomorrow. We are all related in a way. If Adam and Eve started mankind, then we are all related, one way or the other. We are heading into the New Year, and we need to get things right because, we need new results. We must sow good seeds to reap good harvests. It’s a small world after all, so let’s all do the good we can today, while we can. Don’t expect to receive when you haven’t given, except for the general good that comes to all of us.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”  Prov 27:17 (NLT)

 broken chain

4)      Life outside our chains: We may seem limited in this physical realm, but there is a realm outside our chains. The spirit realm, more real than the physical realm we live in. Our flesh is to the earth as our spirit is to the physical realm. When people die, their spirits are bound in the spirit realm forever. Through our spirits we can access the spirit realm. But there are two regions in the realm of the spirit. The region that Jesus reigns, and the realm that the devil rules. We will finally go to one of these realms, its compulsory. But we are to make a choice here on earth, bound in these chains, on where exactly we want to go. It’s with Jesus in heaven, we all deserve to be. To be in his presence, and to be held in his lovely arms always. All we need to do is accept His love for us, believe in Him, obey His instructions by the help of His spirit, and walk with Him. It’s that easy, because the price has been paid. Jesus came to die for your sins, so that you have power over sin, and live life more abundantly. The devil is leading many people astray, his place in the spirit realm is a no go area, it’s full, of punishment, pain, anguish and gnashing of teeth. Hell fire is real, but was not made for us. You must accept Jesus today, accept the fact that he loves you truly, just the way you are!

jesus loves you conditions do not apply

“I also tell you this-if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matt 18:19 (TLB)

As we look towards the year 2014, I can boldly tell you that “It’s going be a year full of great surprises for all of us”

I hope you can relate with today’s post? Share your views on this by commenting, and sharing to your friends and relatives, this could be what they need to receive right now. Follow this blog by email to receive notifications on the latest posts right into your inbox. God bless you!


6 thoughts on “THE CHAIN

  1. Wow, this is so amazing and enlightening.
    It will help a lot of persons be on track
    I never saw it this way.
    Simple, but deeply enlightening


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