The Victory Path: Inspirational path to a life of victory and fufilment

I am excited to inform you about new interactive categories of posts that are coming up on the Victory Path blog. These categories would be in a series and so would be continuous. The purpose is simply to help us relate to practical issues we face in life today and help each other out as we contribute, understand, learn and inspire each other. When we respond to a need we are not just helping ourselves, we are also reaching out to many people that we can’t see. Here are the categories:

1) My Situation : The my situation series is very practical, it could be fictional, a true life story or from a true life event. The purpose is simply to get people to understand a situation, either that one has passed through or is passing through at this very moment, with the hope of inspiring those who read and also those in similar situations to help them learn lessons and know how to deal with life’s issues in that direction.

2) What would you do if it was you? : This series is a helper! The concept is very simple. It is to receive help on a particular situation, or circumstance that one needs a solution, clarification or advise on. One presents a case with clear explanations, and at the end asks What would you do if it was you? Then there would be many comments by readers and viewers to give the writer quality answers, advice from experiences, knowledge and wisdom.

These topics would range, vary and would be very diverse, but they must inspire! I would love for we all to participate in this together. Reach me to get your situations or questions across to me, I am sure we will have a great time doing this. Also contribute by commenting, giving answers to questions and encouraging the writers too. Not also forgetting how important sharing the posts for others to see as well… I cant wait :) . If you also have great post that you will like to feature on the Victory Path, let me know. Let’s get better together on the Victory Path blog. ;) <3

Reach me on E-mail :
Twitter: @victoryodunjo

Anticipate 😄😘😄😱👏👌💃👀

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