It was one of those nights that there was no power supply. Darkness ruled the spheres of the night; and very few sources of light could be seen. It had happened again, (Nigeria sha) the power holding company had taken away the power, making the darkness prevail. Here I was in my room, with my rechargeable lamp poorly charged, hungry and tired at the same time. I had to cook, or my dreams would have been filled with images of a wide variety of dishes. And so, the cooking began in my room that night. It’s always painful to know that the process of cooking can either make you full, or increase the level of hunger in your belly. In this instance, the latter was the case 😦 . With this hunger in me, I was faithfully checking up on what I was cooking, as a burnt meal is no meal at all.

In a country like Nigeria, spiders are not known to be poisonous or deadly. People just see those innocent cobweb making spiders and kill them easily, with whatever instrument (hands included… lol) they find.  The thought of a bite never crosses the minds of many. I believe the emergence of the Spiderman movie is what really opened the minds of many, up to the fact that spiders could bite or be deadly. Farmers are also very familiar with poisonous spiders, but generally speaking, people have no idea.

Finally, my meal was ready… Yaay! In the arrangement of my room, my bed is positioned directly on the carpet. I don’t have a frame for it (the simplicity of a bachelors life). So I sat on my bed with the very dim light coming from my rechargeable lamp. I just wanted to eat and go to bed. As I began eating the delicious meal, in the almost total darkness of the room, I saw a very swift movement of something running towards me (the direction of my bed). I almost could not pin point whether it was a scorpion, a rat or spider. The moment it got close enough, it climbed my bed, directly beside me. I jumped off my bed with speed, and shouted (not in a girly way though, but like a strong man 😉 ). (The fact that you have to imagine my jump worries me, because you could overestimate the jump)… Lol. I just couldn’t imagine being bitten by it. I then mustered some courage and got a shoe of mine as an instrument for the kill.

As I went forward to try to search my bed, I saw the spider running back in the opposite direction from which it approached quickly. I was fortunate enough to kill it right at the center of my room, with some yellowish fluid oozing out of it. It wasn’t a normal spider, I could see from the way it was, it was a dangerous one. How it could have gotten into my room? I had no idea. Some people would say it was sent from the village (we Nigerians and our many beliefs.. Lol). Although I stay in a rural community, I hadn’t seen a spider like in my entire stay there. I could only just wonder what would have happened to me if I was already asleep, when the spider decided to join me in bed. It would probably have given me a few bites that would have jolted out of sleep, and there would have been no help at that time of the night.


As I thought, it came clearly to me that even while I was awake I would not have seen the spider if I didn’t have light around me (Oh thank God for rechargeable lamps). The light saved me from potential bites from the spider. If a light so dim, could save me, imagine the impact of a brighter light. 

I don’t blame people that are scared of the dark, because no one knows what the darkness holds until a ray of light shows up. The ray of light brings one thing: knowledge. Light is knowledge and knowledge is light! If you are walking on a dark and lonely road at night, and you are almost entering a big ditch, only a ray of light would let you know, that you are about to have a terrible fall. Darkness only signifies ignorance. Many of us have gotten very comfortable with living in darkness, which shouldn’t be. We must always seek to discover light in our tough situations and circumstances. Anyone that claims to know it all, and can’t admit ignorance, would end up learning the hard way. 

“The more you know, the more you find out how much you don’t know”. We can’t get comfortable in our quest for knowledge. Are there areas of your life that aren’t working as they should? Set out to get as much light as you can to let the darkness go away. Who knows? You just may have more than a dangerous spider lurking in the darkness… Until you pop out the light of knowledge 🙂

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