Something happened yesterday and I wasn’t happy at all. There was a dog that always followed me from my house all the way to the bus stop every morning any time I was going to work. It did the same thing yesterday morning as well. I didn’t chase it back because I always enjoyed its company.


Suddenly the dog saw a chicken and started chasing it.

I shouted many times to stop it, but it didn’t answer me. It was bent on getting the chicken. The dog chased the chicken all the way to the main road. (What do you expect from a chicken that crossed over into the new year?). It was at this point I got really scared for the dog. But I could only watch on as an oncoming truck hit the dog while the smart chicken escaped. I didn’t move closer but I believe the dog died instantly.

Some guys by the road side picked up the dog  almost immediately (As if they had been waiting for the incident to happen). They were going to eat the dog. It was so sad, there was nothing I could do about it. I had loved that dog and its company, for whatsoever reason, it was attached to me. Now I was going to have to do without the little body guard.

I kept on recalling the whole incident in my head while I went to work. How I loved the dog, how it was such a great company it was. How it suddenly got tempted by the imaginary taste of the chicken, how it was so much caught up in the chase for the “forbidden fruit”. The most amazing thing was that it totally ignored my warning call. And it ended up losing the thing it so much sought after and also lost the most important substance (its life). I recalled how the guys immediately took advantage of the situation and turned the dog into a meal.

The scene later made a spiritual meaning to me. It made me realize, that most of us chase after certain “glittering” things that are actually not “gold”. We ignore the voice of God until something really terrible happens and the devil comes to take advantage of the situation just like those young guys took advantage of the incident, to steal and eat the dog. It’s sad to remember such a love I had for the dog, now it’s gone.

By Victor Atoyebi

So my Victor friend sent this in, and it really got me thinking. Dogs are one of a kind, I still remember that I was in tears when I heard that our first and long serving dog died. God made them understand humans so easily.

We must be careful about what we chase after, run after. Do these things we are chasing after carry eternal value? Many of us are just seeking instant gratification from the things we do. But one lesson is clear from this story: The things you chase after, determine where you end up. If this dog just stayed faithful to following my friend to the road and going back home, it’ll probably still be alive today. Most of us start out right, but lose our focus at the end. I must confess to you that getting it right to the end is what is important. It may even be better to miss it from the start and then later get it right, than to get it right from the start and then lose it.

Jesus knows what he meant when he told us to seek his kingdom first, and all other things would be added on to us. He knows that we could seek for these other things and not find the Kingdom, we could get caught up in the things of the world and not be able to find our way back, like the prodigal son.

Take a few minutes today, and look at your situation, your pursuits, goals and targets, would they lead you to the right end, or would lead you to destruction. Are there things you know you should be doing, that you are not doing? Friends you are not meant to still be with? It’s not too late to take a bold step and turn around.

There is a way that people think is right, but it leads only to death. – Proverbs 14:12

Have a great day.
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