Beyond my thoughts and wildest imaginations, I saw
My mundane and mediocre heart wanted more
Of the blossoming, blazing trail ahead
I just wanted to walk to wherever it led
And on this road I plan to find, all I have been seeking for


I’m participating in the Writing 201 poetry course. This is my second contribution. The prompt was to write a Limerick (A 5-line poem: in which the first, second and fifth line have the same rhyme, and the third and fourth lines have the same rhyme as well) using journey as a theme, and including an alliteration (using the same consonant multiple times in close proximity). So this is my contribution. I’ll appreciate, your views, criticisms and comments. How can you relate to this?

You can check my first 3-line poem Tears

Reach me on:
Facebook: Vctory Odunjo
Twitter: @victoryodunjo
Mail- victoryodunjo@gmail.com


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