Speak not near my ears
Every time you lie
Lies are like lice in your life
Following you everywhere you go
I hear you say the truth, when you are high
See, I can’t go with the flow
How then, would I follow you home?


I’m participating in the Writing 201 poetry course. This is my third contribution. The prompt was to write an Acrostic (One in which the first letter of each verse together spell out a message: a short sentence, a word, a name ) using trust (or distrust) as a theme, and including internal rhymes (they could appear in a single line or verse). So this is my contribution. I’ll appreciate, your views, criticisms and comments. How can you relate to this?

You can check my other poems: Tears , The Journey

Reach me on:
Facebook: Vctory Odunjo
Twitter: @victoryodunjo
Mail- victoryodunjo@gmail.com


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