The Month of February 2015 was a fully packed month. Although it had a less amount of days. There was a lot put in stock on the blog. Here is a summary of the posts in the month of February.

1) The Victory Path Monthly Review – January: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-eN

This is the review of the series of articles we had in the month of January

2) Truths You Should Know About A Pot Belly: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-eS

3) Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of your Pot Belly: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fE

Articles 2 and 3 are posts on health, especially targeted to raising an awareness of the truths about a pot belly and how it can be gotten rid of.

4) Why Is It Difficult For People Who Borrow Money, To Pay Back When They Have It? : http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fJ

Crucial question with some unique and inspiring answers. I’m sure you have your opinions too. When it comes to money matters, how careful can one really be?

5) Why Do You Go To Church? Or Why Don’t You Go? http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fM

Many Christians go to church, but do you know why you do?

6) Why You Have A Private Part : http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fP

It’s a very interesting piece.. You don’t want to miss it

7) 12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fV

Hehe.. This one is personal.. 12 things about me.. Hmmn

8) Valentine’s Day In 300 Words: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-fY

300 words it little, but the message is bigger

9) I Had 5 Death Notifications In One Night: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-g1

Wow.. This is a true story. You don’t want to face this

10) Tearshttp://wp.me/s3WAcp-tears

A 3 line poem.. It’s as short as the blink of your eyes

11) 50 Shades Of Grace: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gq

The world may celebrate 50 Shades of Grey, but I choose to celebrate 50 Shades of Grace


12) The Journey: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gA

There are things we desire in life.

13) Your Lies: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gl

The worst thing that can happen to someone is when the one you love is a liar

14) Our Love Story: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gM

Love is a beautiful thing.. Read this graphically appealing story of how two lovers met

15) I Choose You: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gQ

Some times one has to make tough choices, would you stick with someone or let them go?

16) How Do You Let Someone Know Their Mouth Is Smelling?  http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gT

This is a big deal… Have you experienced something like this before?

17) Have A Good Laugh 4: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-gX

Laughter is a good medicine.. Try these tongue twisters.

18) I Was Almost A Hero: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-h1

This is a touching one

19) Won’t Let Go: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-h4

Holding on is good.. But holding on to what’s right is better

20) He Helped The Stranded Old Lady By The Road Side: http://wp.me/p3WAcp-h8

This is one of the most touching stories I have ever read.

We had 20 articles in the month of February. That’s a lot of content. Which ones did you miss? Here’s your chance to catch up, or share this page with a friend that you are sure needs to get in on some of these articles. Every single one of them is worth a read. Take out time to check them out. Thanks

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12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me


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