Victory Odunjo is a young, creative, people passionate person. He is a crazy follower of Jesus. A funny, humorous, free spirited, down to earth person. People that come around him gain much and leave happier than they came. Victory loves to see others experience growth, development and change. Always distinguished by his wise words and easy to understand illustrations, he is very easy to flow with.


Victory is the first in a family of four children, with a gift and love for little children and quite a number of talents which includes writing,  singing, reading. He  loves listening, counseling, and learning from others. He also spends his time playing and watching soccer, swimming, meeting people and listening to music. He also holds a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering.

He has been privileged to serve as a leader in different capacities. One of his quotes says “Purpose is the pose you take, and pursuit is the suit you wear as life takes you snapshots” and another says “Jesus fills the void you cant avoid in life”. He is a strong believer in intimacy and communion with God


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